U-PVC windows & Doors are the most commonly used double glazed windows in the Europe, and their popularity in the construction industry has increased tremendously over the years. This should not come as a surprise if you consider their benefits, such as below:

1. Customizable

2. Security

3. Insulation

4. Low Maintenance

5. Durability

6. Ventilation

7. Eco-Friendly

8. Weather Resistant

9. Soundproofing

10. Fire retardant

Especially in more extreme climates, insulated panel windows with two or three panes of parallel glass offer a significant advantage when it comes to the energy efficiency of the window. The idea behind multiple glazing is that the two or three parallel panes of glass, including the intermediate buffer zone, provide a better barrier against outside temperatures than single-paned windows. Double-glazed windows are now standard for both new construction windows and replacement windows.

Gobat GmbH Company is specializes in the preparing of different types of U-PVC windows & Doors in different colors and models and helps you in construction and reconstruction projects with the highest quality.