Gobat GmbH is a company specializing in construction and trading services.

All construction work is carried out by our company from consultation to execution from start to finish.

As we know, houses were built for human convenience, and throughout history, people have always sought to make their homes more comfortable and safer. Further areas of expertise of our company are therefore the interior design of buildings and smart homes in order to achieve these goals.

The smart home can be described as the ultimate human endeavor to achieve the most comfortable living space possible, which makes it much less effortless.

Doing all business related to the import and export of goods is one of the other specialties of our company.

These activities include smart home devices, aluminum and U-PVC windows and doors in the construction industry, and PVC-O pipes in the water transport industry.

The import and export of some materials from the petrochemical industry such as PVC resins and titanium dioxide are other activities of our company.

The Gobat GmbH Company prides itself on doing all of this in the best possible way. I hope to join us on this journey.